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Live as there was no tomorrow.
Love like you will live forever.

Doctor of Humanities, specializing in theatre history studies (graduated in 2010, University of Gdansk). In 2018 she started PhD studies at Kent University. She works on PhD Drama: Practice as Research at the School of Arts, Faculty of Humanities with the supervision of Professor Paul Allain.  Her practice is focused on dramaturgy inside the  Song of The Goat Theatre. She wrote a text for the plays for this theatre: Crazy GodIslandHamlet - A Commentary, Anty-Gone Triptych and is currently working on "Warrior". 

She has been collaborating with Song of the Goat Theatre from 2014, first as a marketing and PR manager and later as a producer and tour manager.  In 2013, together with Grzegorz Bral, she founded the private acting school in London (Bral School of Acting) and she is its executive director and has held classes since 2015 on the history of theatre, with a focus on the anthropology of acting and different training methods for actors.  

At the time of her PhD in Poland (2005-2010)  she was a lecturer and organized theatrical conferences, she has also  published several  articles on performing arts. She has extensive experience in organizing cultural events as well as producing theatre plays. In 2005-2008, she cooperated with the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdańsk, where she was responsible for the contemporary dance stage. Then, in 2008-2013, she worked for the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre.  



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+ 44 7852348144

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