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Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Song of The Goat Theatre was founded in 1996 in Poland. The company has developed its unique technique of working on performances, which from broad perspective, encompasses not only actor training but also an immense social responsibility.

The Bral Acting Method, which is for the past few years the core training technique of the ensemble, may be seen as an offspring of the long tradition of the avant-garde theatres, which searches for new performative languages. This new way of artistic expression flows from a deep understanding of the personal interconnectedness of the body, the voice, the imagination, in the same way as between humans and society.

The artistic work of the theatre is very much enhanced by Grzegorz Bral (the director’s) life philosophy and personal spiritual practice, which is Tibetan Buddhism. It resonates with all Bral’s creative and social activities, which include not only performative work but also educational and charitable programmes. In this way, everything that the company does is in its essence related to the firm belief that as artists we are burdened with a social and moral responsibility to benefit others with our work.

In our consumer society[1], the body is often seen as a most beautiful product, an empty shell, separate from spirituality and psyche. The body nowadays tends to function as a subject of oppression and economic profit.

The Song of The Goat Theatre’s training stands in opposition to such a perception of the body. The Bral Acting Method is firmly rooted in a belief that everything has a broad meaning and concern everything else. On a more profound level, the company brings back the primary unity in the use of the performative body concerning dramaturgy, and society today.

The dramaturgy of each performance is essentially an emanation of our contemporary state of mind. Even though the company would often start from classical literature as an inspiration for the performance, it always stands as a pretext reflecting on current social issues. Training, on the other hand, is a tool to give birth to the characters which are the most definite emanation of the more in-depth content of the performance.

Musicality is the essence of the Song of The Goat Theatre’s existence, and by that, the theatre’s total artistic creation can be seen as a way of striving towards harmonious polyphony, in which there is a synthesis between particular elements of the theatre phenomena such as dramaturgy, text, rhythm, music, body, imagination and societal issues.

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[1]Baudrillard Jean (2017), The Consumer Society: Myths and Structures,SAGE Publication Ltd, Revised edition.

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